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Book & Brain University Camps

June: 12-16 10:30 am to 12:00 M-F
July: 10-14 10:30 am to 12:00 M-F

Book & Brain Academic Tutoring Classes

June: 20/22/27/29 & 30 9:00 am to 12:00 TU/TH/F
July: 11/13/18/20 & 21 9:00 am to 12:00 TU/TH/F


With the patented Book & Brain Reading Methods isolate skills for a strong foundation, understand multiple meaning of words, conquer unfamiliar or uncommon words, phrases or figurative expressions, read aloud for word attack, understand the meaning of main ideas and supporting ideas from a text. All this and more will be addressed during this highly interactive "hands-on" approach to learning. (Great for ESL I & II, adult literacy or early childhood learners.)


Experience success in comprehension with mastery of skills and independent reading by comparing, contrasting and combining textual information. Book & Brain Reading will illustrate highlighting techniques that allow the reader to determine the pre-reading, reading and post-reading stages of reading as well as explicit and implicit meanings in a text. Learn how to understand the difference between a "good" answer and the "best" answers for all standardized assessments. (ESL III and TAKS will be addressed)


Evaluate skills in complex reading with textual fluency through the Book & Brain Reading Methods. Cause and effect, drawing conclusions, and analysis of relationships along with inductive and deductive reasoning skills will be implemented in this session. (Great for GED, PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, TAKS and all state and national standardized assessments)


Get an edge on classmates with critical judgments of assumptions, validity of a writer, argument and relevance of important facts, analogies and assessing credibility of objectivity in all written material through the uniquely patented Book & Brain Reading Methods. (THEA, GRE, MCAT, LSAT and other professional assessments are used for this excellent training.)

Our expert instructors are trained in various other programs such as Special Education, Learning Disabled, Dyslexia and Gifted and Talented. One-to-one tutoring is available upon request.

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The Book & Brain University for Staff Development

Participants will be able to:


Nancy Linden, the author of Book and Brain Reading, will showcase the most important ideas on helping students "divide and conquer" any teacher-made or standardized test. Using a university theme, students and teachers will learn that there is a discerning "fine line" in the difference between the "good" answers and the "best" answers. Learn how to help students gain this vital knowledge for evaluation evidence correctly in higher-level thinking on all kinds of reading tests.

50% Activities / 50% Lecture:

Participants will:

Target Audience:

All participants that are interested in tutoring students or helping support the classroom teacher will benefit from The Book & Brain University training. Participants will understand the difference between technical reading vs. personal reading with the use of locating patterns in a text.

Program Description:

Nancy Linden, the presenter of the Book & Brain University, struggled with reading throughout her entire grade school experience. Having dyslexia, she was essentially a nonreader in middle school. From her personal experiences Nancy has developed Book & Brain Reading that had greatly benefited Texas raising test scores from 10% to 20% district wide for the last 12 years. Using a university theme, students are motivated to learn more about their future in school. Come and see the hands-on excitement of the The Book & Brain University!