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What is The Book & Brain University?

The Book & Brain University is a wonderful way to have students succeed on standardized reading tests with a university theme. This session is 100% modeling or demonstrating the ideas and theories with your students with a complete hands-on approach. Students will learn how to evaluate evidence in a technical manner needed to master all types of standardized reading assessments. Needing no subs for the day, teachers and students can begin to understand the methods and concepts of the Book & Brain Reading strategies. The Book & Brain University training is counted as a "fish bowl" staff development day and provides hours either given credit toward GT updates or CPE credit hours. Watch the Book & Brain University video.

What are the Results of The Book & Brain University?

The Old: Over the past 15 years approximately 750 campuses in more than 185 Texas school districts have reported 10% to 20% gains in standardized reading scores after staff development training with Book and Brain Reading seminars. Although many different factors may have contributed to the overall increase in scores, campus principals reported, with feedback from both teachers and students, that Book and Brain Reading played a significant role in these gains.

The New: With new academic demands on standardized assessments, Book and Brain Consulting, Inc. has a different and brand new way to address higher-order thinking. The answer: Training for both students and teachers. By modeling, using hands-on techniques, and introducing higher-level concepts at The Book and Brain University in fun and exciting ways, students have a jump start in understanding technical reading and evaluating evidence correctly. Teachers find this method simple to understand (and easy to translate into correct instruction in the classroom). Students are more motivated with an overall plan to attack: Book or Brain!

The Future: The Book & Brain University was founded in 2001 so that staff development could be included on any calendar day with student participation, modeling and reinforcing concepts executed in a classroom setting. Teachers and students have had a tremendously positive response to this training. Principals report 100% follow-through from all staff members with information gained in The Book and Brain University after this training. What a way to make a difference at your campus!

What Materials must Schools Provide?

What works for Best Results?

What does a Typical Agenda look like?

8:00to9:30Group I
9:45to11:00Group II
11:00to11:30Lunch for the speaker
11:45to1:00Group III
1:15to2:30Group IV
2:45toEnd of SchoolDebrief with lead teachers and principal, if possible.

What does The Book & Brain University Provide?

What is the Curriculum of The Book & Brain University?

Day 1

Day 1 has a focus on identifying concrete and abstract questions by calling them either Book Questions (locating questions about the concrete or literal) or Brain Questions (thinking questions about the entire passage or implied meanings within the passage). Students should master at a recall and comprehension level before they move on to application level in the Day 2 instruction.

Day 2

Day 2 has a focus on applying the recall codes just learned for Book Questions. In this segment of training Day 2 also introduces the most common test-maker "tricks" that cause careless error for readers. Book Questions are simple, literal and "straight forward", however many advanced readers can still answer these types of questions incorrectly. Day 2 content helps readers follow the directions and learn how to highlight evidence correctly using the most critical evidence to answer the questions.

Day 3

Day 3 has a focus on analyzing the special needs of the Brain Question. These types of questions demand more than one piece of evidence from the passage to answer the question correctly. Day 3 provides the reader with an opportunity to breakdown a passage and see all the details within the passage that help support or create the "big idea" about the passage that will help answer these types of questions.

Day 4

Day 4 has a focus on evaluating evidence in such a way that the reader can determine the difference between an idea that is simply paraphrased from the existing statements expressed in the passage, or determine the "big ideas" derived from the evidence implied or inferred within the passage. Comparing, contrasting and combining ideas using pictures, words, phrases, sentences and finally embedded sentences within paragraphs will be the method of evaluating these differences.

Day 5

Day 5 has a focus on synthesis. Putting all the skills necessary to pass any standardized assessment is the goal of this final exam day. The Book & Brain University, Day 5, has a novel Blue Book Final Exam to assess new skills and to bring all the ideas, techniques, and methods together for closure of the program. The exam has many samples or modeling sections that the instructor will perform with or for the students before the seal(s) are broken. There are six sections (and six seals) that represent all six levels of Blooms Taxonomy. This test is designed to be a true assessment of understanding the method. It is also designed to be fun, and the students will use all the many different types of manipulative(s) throughout the exam.

The Book & Brain University for Elementary Students

The Book & Brain University is an academic camp and staff development for your entire school. There are no subs needed. Both the teachers and the students are able to get excellent training in the Book and Brain Reading methods. This is such an exciting way to bring this lifelong learning process to your campus! Choose from one day to three days of training and start seeing results from teachers and students as they learn how to catalogue questions, highlight important information appropriately, read for understanding, answer questions critically, and evaluate evidence correctly. The following are details about The Book and Brain University Program:

The Book & Brain University for Secondary Students

Perform with excellence in reading comprehension and other content areas in testing such as PSAT, SAT, ACT, THEA, AP, GED and state assessments. Powerful patented training for your entire campus: The Book and Brain University will make a difference in your standardized test scores. Book and Brain University was developed to help students learn the art of technical reading. Technical reading is the key to success for all standardized tests. Over 185 Texas school districts have found success with this program.

Take action: target your audience, call for fee schedule and pick the date for the Book and Brain University to come to your campus today!