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According to brain research from Nummela-Caine, "the neocortex is both a pattern-maker and pattern-detector. The ability to make meaningful sense out of countless bits of data is critical to understanding and motivation." (Jensen 139). It is these existing patterns of "opposites" that the brain has already created such as big and small, black and white, or past and future. Concepts of yes and no, or hot and cold are ideas that are comfortable for the brain because the neophathway has already been established. When this new concept is introduced to students and participants with the use of the "opposite pattern" learning is easy to use and fun. Participants will utilize this pattern to help with in the myriad of different reading tasks. Theory from Eric Jensen in his book, The Learning Brain and Marian Diamond in her book, Enriching Heredity supports this notion of pattern in learning.

Finally, investigating wrong answers is another way to help the mind understand pattern. In his book, The Learning Brain on page 113, Eric Jenson explains how the brain understands pattern by examining wrong answers in order to choose the correct answer on a standardized test.

Developed in 1991, Book and Brain Reading combines 15 years of classroom tested experience and repeated success of increased standardized test scores in more than 185 districts across Texas and in 6 other states. This powerful strategy accelerates reading achievement by simplifying the process of categorizing questions and answers as either Book or Brain. Students of all grade levels will benefit from a test skill that transforms in to a life skill.

Book & Brain Consulting, Inc. is now contracting in a university partnership for primary research. The study results will be posted soon. Please contact us for more details